Interior Design

At Alpha Residential we work with a variety of professionals, we have seen their work and know which companies have a good reputation and could be the best fit for your needs in your area.

What does an interior designer really do?

Interior designers are very creative and artistic professionals who combine aseptic vision to design functional and attractive spaces for your home.
Interior designers have to know how to plan a space and present the plan in a visual way the client can understand. Going beyond simple decorating, an interior designer has made a professional career out of knowing how to use colour, lighting, texture and materials to transform a space for fit a wide variety of styles and any specific client vision.
Many interior designers have education in art and architecture as well as extensive knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems.

What is home staging?

Many benefits of home staging are now well proven as having a dramatic effect on the ability for a home to sell quickly and for a good price. Working with the existing architectural design and assets of a home, professional home stagers work to eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture.
This is a great way to give your home a new look utilizing your own pieces.
For real estate purposes, home stagers will often bring in additional furniture and artwork to elevate the impact of every space within a home to get home ready to sell.
Crafting an ideal first impression is a key factor in how quickly your home will sell. Home stagers know what people are looking for an can create an appealing and friendly home that buyers will be attracted to.